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Is Oklahoma State in for another Candid Mike Gundy Moment?

Oklahoma State is in the best position it has ever been in during the post season, and most of that credit goes to head coach Mike Gundy.

The Cowboys beat the hell out of archival Oklahoma to finish the season 11-1 and are now preparing for their the first BCS game in the history of the program. But that's not all that's happened in our favor. Justin Blackmon was awarded the Biletnikoff award for the second year straight, becoming just the second player in the history of the award to win it in consecutive years. 13 Cowboys were selected for the All Big 12 team with 7 of them being first team. A record setting five Cowboys were named All Americans. Gundy was named the National Coach of the Year.

So why doesn't it feel all warm and fuzzy across the Cowboy Nation?

In his seventh year as the head coach of the Cowboys, Gundy has accomplished the unthinkable and now, Oklahoma State Athletic Director Mike Holder is doing the unthinkable in return.

Mike Gundy's resume of hard work, loyalty and belief in a program that has been difficult to believe in at times is currently being mocked. His agent is butting heads with Holder and after thinking that he could get the deal done in two hours, it's been more than two weeks. Every day that drags on is another day away from that "two hours" and that is just awkward.

There are more important things for Gundy to be worrying about right now than whether or not he's going to be compensated fairly. Things like preparing for the big game. Things like enjoying Brandon Weeden and Justin Blackmon's last game at Oklahoma State, winning a BCS bowl game and enjoying the fruits of his labor with his team in Arizona.

We've seen a lot of candid moments from Gundy over his tenure. There was this, and then this. Let's make sure the next candid moment isn't Gundy telling Holder to pound sand in Arizona. Although, that would be pretty good.

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