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Questions for Oklahoma State from a Stanford Fan

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It shouldn't come as surprising news that Stanford and Oklahoma State fans don't have a lot in common and don't know a lot about each other. Oh, you didn't know that? How did you not know that? Well, they don't. There are just so many differences in the schools, the regions, the people, the number of Asian students, etc. Just so many differences. For example, Stanford is located in California while Oklahoma State is not. This is just one difference. There are more.

In an effort to bridge the gap between the fans and offer a bit of understanding of the other side, I asked for a list of Oklahoma State related questions from a fake guy I know that fake goes to Stanford. What follows is a list of things that he was wondering about Oklahoma State fans. I told him that we would do our best to read his questions. Then we would try a little less hard to actually answer a few.

Question to Oklahoma State Fans

Q1. Why is your mascot so weird looking?

Q2. How do you take a 4 hour study break to watch the football games?

Q3. What is it like to expect to make less than 100k right out of college? I think I would just die if I made peanuts like 70k or so at 22 years old.

Q4. What does a vagina feel like?

Q5. How many US Presidents are Oklahoma State alumni?

Q6. While it is great that our respective teams are meeting on the gridiron, why do we never meet on the chessboard-iron?

Q7. Isn't Andrew Luck just the best?

Q8. You can think you are the masters of national championships that no cares about all you want, but let me just drop this in here: How many tennis NC's do you have? Oh, less than 34? Then eat shit.

Q9. OK, how about a breast? Can you tell me what one of those feels like?

Q10. Have you found any good locations for studying in Phoenix yet?

Q11. What is the plural of Cowboy?