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Oklahoma State vs. The Nation's Best QB's

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Most defenses that Stanford faced this year were 100% concerned with stopping Andrew Luck. Granted, he's got the skills and smarts to hurt you - but Oklahoma State will not be intimidated.

Most mock NFL Drafts have the top five pro prospects at QB listed in some order of Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, Matt Barkley, Landry Jones and Ryan Tannehill. Oklahoma State has played three of those already this year and held every one of them in check defensively. You also have to take into account that our defense practices against the best quarterback in the nation (in our opinion) in Brandon Weeden. Let's take a look at how they did...

September 24, 2011: Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

We told you that Texas A&M sucked before we played them back in September, but the rest of the nation disagreed. The Aggies were ranked #8 when the Cowboys went to College Station and came from behind to win. The defense held Texas A&M to just 7 second half points and intercepted Tannehill three times.


October 29, 2011: Robert Griffin III, Baylor

The Heisman winner is close to setting the NCAA record for passing efficiency with a rating of 192. Against Oklahoma State he had his worse game of the year, throwing two interceptions and recording a pass efficiency mark of 136. The final score of that game was 59-24 but it wasn't even close. The first team defense owned the Heisman winner through 3 quarters. Baylor scored 21 of it's 24 points in the fourth quarter, against our second team.


December 3, 2011: Landry Jones, Oklahoma

I understand that the Sooners were without their leading receiver, but if you listen to their hype they've got 4 and 5 star recruits waiting in the wings right? Jones finished the season with a pass efficiency mark of 142. Against Oklahoma State? 88. The Sooners scored their only TD late in the fourth quarter - when the game was well out of hand.

So yeah, Oklahoma State won't be intimidated by Andrew Luck. We've seen it before.