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Fiesta Bowl Rides For Free: The CRFF Official Ticket Giveaway Thread

Wanna go to the Fiesta Bowl for Free? Here's your chance.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at AXE, we've got two tickets AND a "Premature Perspiration" kit that includes the several AXE things but most importantly, Rosanne Season 8. Yeah, we're not sure how that relates either but we'll take it!

Here's how you win:

1. Follow us on Twitter

2. Join the blog

3. Leave a comment in this thread telling us why YOU deserve the tickets.

It's really that simple. The winner will be selected on Tuesday, December 27th and will be notified that night. That gives you a few days to find a place to stay and hitchhike out to Arizona. A big thanks to AXE for hooking us up here.