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Oklahoma State Links: Gundy learns from his mistakes, Smith and Randle exceed expectations

Oklahoma State Cowboys coach Mike Gundy learns from his mistakes - ESPN
Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy doesn't follow conventional coaching wisdom. That approach has paid off for the Cowboys.

OSU's Randle, Smith exceed expectations | Tulsa World
"I'm just thrilled to death that in the games (in which) we needed to run the ball, we were able to," OSU offensive coordinator Todd Monken said. // This gives me sports wood.

Stanford attempts to replicate pace of OSU offense | Tulsa World
"We're trying to practice at game tempo for our team, but there are not many guys in college football (like Blackmon) that can run full speed eight plays in a row - deep routes - and still come back and not even be out of breath," Shaw said. "We've been rotating guys in and out because that's so hard to emulate."

OSU basketball, Le'Bryan Nash returns to Dallas to take on SMU |
You might say Le'Bryan Nash proudly wears his Dallas roots on his sleeves. Permanently.