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Cowboys Ride For Free: Best of 2011

I'm not sure about you but I'm ready to rock this shit. New Year's Eve that is. Here are a few (ok, all) of our favorite posts of the year. We are currently making our way to the desert so if you see us out there, please stop and say hi. Sam will be carrying a black backpack full of "Pete was Here" panties and King will have a plastic sack full of orange rubbers rubbers. I could make a really sick joke here but I won't.

Stay safe out there and thank you all for your continued support of Cowboys Ride For Free.

The podcast heard 'Round the World
Little did we know back in August that we'd hear part of this in prime time on ESPN. It happened though and we couldn't be more proud. We were called homers then. You can now call us experts.

AP's Second Place, Lonely Hearts, Lodge of Broken Dreams
In my opinion, the most outstanding blog post of the entire year on any blog, anywhere.

Masturbation Aids for Big 12 Schools
Masturbation and Aids in the first 3 words of the title. SEO Genius!

Oklahoma State Wins the Big 12
The greatest post of the year (in terms of subject matter) no doubt

Royal John's way too early Power Ranking aka Sooners = Nickelback
Big 12 teams as rock bands. Greatness.

Click the jump for the rest....

The 4 most annoying OU Basketball players and things of all time
I bet you can guess two without even clicking. What are the other two?

The best Cowboy Basketball shots of all time, Round 1
Will we have to add any shots this year to this list?

The best Cowboy Basketball shots of all time, Round 2
Probably not.

The House Divided: Should you stand for it?
Is your house divided? Should you stand for it?

Ryan Tannehill wears lipstick
He does, or at least did when they played us back in September.

When Tweeting Backfires
Royal's take on the twitter douche bag.

Big 12 Stadium Food Ideas
Food we'd like to see in Big 12 Stadiums.

Save Your Money, Mizzou is giving it up for Free
Misery sucks.

28 Modernities older than Brandon Weeden
28 things that are older than the man himself.

Couch Burning Ordinances of the Big 12
A guide for burning couches in the Big 12

The Top 25 Dirtiest Athletic Programs in College History
The outstanding work of AUKing.