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Robert Griffin III: First Team What?

I'm sorry, what did I just hear? Robert Griffin III was named the Big 12's first team quarterback?

For what, exactly? Whining? Crying? Rolling around on the turf like a baby?

If those are the requirements to be named first team QB, the entire A&M defense should have been given the award months ago.

So let's get this straight. Brandon Weeden should be the first team QB and that shouldn't even be a debate. I'm not even being a homer here, either. Weeden threw for more yards with a slightly better percentage and led his team to become Big 12 champions.

Big. 12. Champions. Read that over and over. It bares repeating.

While Griffin had more touchdowns, let's not forget the fact that Griffin played AT LEAST seven more quarters than Weeden did. That's nearly two whole games. Imagine what Weeden's stats would look like had he stayed in every game until the final whistle like Griffin did. It wouldn't even be close.

Maybe this is all stemming from the fact that I just don't like RG3. All I keep hearing is how humble and well-mannered he is when he is anything but. Who can forget his temper tantrums after this year's game against OSU? The excuses, the whining, the lack of giving credit to the team that just smashed them 59-24 (and it wasn't even that close). And if that wasn't enough, how about proclaiming that his team had their very first Heisman?

Oh yeah, super classy. Hand him a sportsmanship award as well.

In the end, the award doesn't really mean much but it would have been nice to see the best quarterback in the league get it. I suppose Weeden will have to settle for a Big 12 championship ring and a trip to a BCS bowl. Not too shabby.