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Nebraska Player to Fear: Andre Almeida

All you need to know about this guy is he's 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs 315 pounds. I was completely unaware of this guy until last weekend when I saw him battling the Kansas Jayhawks. My first reaction was "HOLY SHIT, THAT LARD ASS FROM MY CHURCH LEAGUE IS PLAYING FOR THE HUSKERS!!" I then realized that I don't play in a church league and that he is actually from Brazil.

This dude seriously reminds of a guy like that though. Or a guy that Eddie Sutton would have taken on as a "project" back in the late 90's. Remember that phase?

I'm looking forward to the match-up between him and Pilgrim. The guy appears to be the epitome of a slumpbuster and that's exactly what Pil needs at this point. It should be pure entertainment.