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Oklahoma State Basketball: A Single Question

So the Pokes drop another Big 12 game on the road and the only thing that I can think right now is what the hell are we doing?

It is widely accepted, and mentioned every game by usually terrible broadcasters, that Oklahoma State is only as good as Keiton Page.

If he has a big game - we usually win. If the opponent shuts him down (or his defender is over 6 foot tall) he's worthless.

So this has me thinking...

If the success of your basketball team completely depends on a 5-9 guard that is a one trick pony, do you even deserve success as a team? 

I may be alone here but I don't want the success of Oklahoma State basketball depending on a guy like that. Sure, he's good when he hits his shots but who isn't?

It's time for the coaching staff to get over the Keiton Page love fest. We won't go anywhere as long as he is our go to guy.