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Let's Get Pasted: 02/15/2011 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

What is this?  Is LGP really back? (that was your internal monologue) Actually, LGP never left.... it's just that some of our slower readers were still chewing on the most recent LGP from 11/22, and I thought it would be nice to wait so we can proceed as a group.  Jim from Edmond just finished up that epic description of the Nebraska/A&M link, and now we are all ready to move on.  

To be really open and honest though (this is so emotional!), I have received a bit of feedback as of late that while the site content is still "the tits" (actual description used in an email I received), some readers are missing the continuity of the football season where the posts were more regimented and you knew what to expect when you came to the site.  Well, just for you, I am hoping to bring most of that stuff back.  LGP, Graphics Ride For Free, the podcast (maybe), some new recurring weekly features, and a proposed 50% decrease in pandering to the readers (right after this post).  The reader(s) have spoken, and I have responded.  See that Dad, I can respond to constructive criticism!

Enjoy the links after the Jump.


Orange-circle_medium Are we tired of the Bieber/Gundy thing, or is it still completely face-shittingly surreal enough that it never gets old?  I say it is still in option 2 territory for now, but the fact that a thing can be a day old, yet already be categorized as played out by many, is reason #43 that I hate the internet.  BTW... bi-racial furry porn is still holding strong as the #1 reason I love the internet. 
While I don't have any new Bieber/Gundy info, I did find this Google auto-complete pretty entertaining.

Was a Cowboy-Bieber alliance meant to be all along?

Orange-circle_medium  College basketball update: Oklahoma St. | Tulsa World
A talk with Matt Pilgrim and some news and notes type stuff. I am linking it because I liked the JPO observation and am a little upset that I hadn't picked up on it on my own.

The OSU player with the biggest disparity in home and and road point production is Jean-Paul Olukemi. He is averaging 20.4 points in Big 12 home games and 9.8 points in league road games.

Orange-circle_medium Rush The Court " Blog Archive " Weekly Bracketology: 02.14.11
Keep hope alive Cowboy fans!

The state of the bubble can be summed up with Oklahoma State. The Cowboys sit in Last Four In territory last Monday, lose by 11 at NIT-bound Nebraska on Saturday and still remain in the field. The win over Missouri and, even more importantly, bubble foe Kansas State gave the Cowboys the edge as the last team in this week’s bracket.

Orange-circle_medium Seeing LeBryan - Pistols Firing
PistolsGuy went to a Dallas Lincoln game to take in the wonder that is LeBryan Nash and wrote about the experience.  Expecting to be blown away by a true physical specimen, PistolsGuy came away from it with mixed emotions and plenty of doubt as to whether the assumed future Cowboy great will live up to our expectations.

LeBryan took over the game immediately but not because he asserted himself to be great. You get the feeling that LeBryan dominates games not because he is dominant, but rather because he is LeBryan. His points come easy, he barely jumps for rebounds, it’s as if he’s holding something back so he won’t offend anyone playing against him.

Orange-circle_medium 2011 heartbreakers - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
David Ubben lists his top 5 biggest heartbreakers of the 2010 Big 12 football season.  The Cowboys are represented in two of them, one is a pleasant memory, the other will make you re-barf all over yourself.

Orange-circle_medium Sunshine State Cowboys? |
An ever-expanding recruiting footprint for the Cowboy football team. 

See!  I can link to football stuff in February... even though each click on a football link in February causes me to die a little inside.


Orange-circle_medium A couple of Big 12 Outlook links:
BIG 12 OUTLOOK: 02.14.11 - Bring On The Cats
Big 12 Basketball Standings and Projections: Feb 14 - 20 - Burnt Orange Nation

To sum up in blog-speak: The outlook in Stillwater is mostly meh with a slight chance of UGHHHH!!!!

Orange-circle_medium Texas A&M To The SEC: We Have A Baylor Problem? - I Am The 12th Man
Join the crowd of fans of the other Big 12 schools who don't understand the righteous attitude of many A&M fans. That comments section is a great mix of funny, informative, and pure hatred. Also, I kinda agree with the frankthetank post he is referencing.  Not hating, I just think he has a valid point... Beergut does not agree.

Orange-circle_medium Texas Longhorns Basketball: Defense On Historic Pace - Burnt Orange Nation
Nice links and quotes about the domination of the Texas defense.  I mainly linked to it because a solid defense is really the only way to have sustained success on the road in the Big 12, but it is such a boring topic to discuss.  The linked articles here do a nice job of highlighting the importance of the Texas D, while keeping it interesting to read (somewhat.  I mean it is about Texas.  "Booo Texas!!" - Nebraskans).

Orange-circle_medium Rush The Court " Blog Archive " Checking in on… the Big 12
SB Nation's own Owen Kemp provides a look back at the week that was in Big 12 basketball.  In contrast to my Big 12 recap, this one is very comprehensive and informative... on the down side, there are zero animated gifs of a foreign dude getting hit in the nuts.  So, you know, the two articles are probably a wash.


Yes, LGP has been missing for 3 months or so.  No, this does not mean that my policy that every single LGP will contain a link to a Spencer Hall article has changed.  This one especially slayed me.

"I was taught never to stop until I'd finished something. And right now, I haven't finished this sandwich."

Orange-circle_medium Rock-M-Tology: February 14 - Rock M Nation
The Cowboys are in the "First 9 Out" group in this one.  Yet another reason to hate Bill C.  Just look at him... what with his proper evaluation of data and talent.  Makes me sick.

Orange-circle_medium College Basketball Player of the Year Rankings: Week 11 - Searching for Billy Edelin
I find this to be an entertaining recurring piece from SFBE, maybe you will too.