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We Need Todd Monken Memes!

"Hi, I'm Todd Monken and I am ruining CRFF's material"

Sometimes, we need help around here.... this is one of those times. A hidden side effect of Dana Holgorsen moving east to swim in piles of mountain mamas is that we have lost 66% of our content base for CRFF.

This is everyone's problem now

So, as it is Todd Monken's job to replace all the offense Dana produced for the Cowboy football team, the job of replacing a huge chunk of our content will also fall to him. Does anyone know if he has any personality quirks?  Does he seem like a guy that loads up on cologne and goes out gambling for three days?  Does he look like any nostalgically funny 80's music icons? Is his name funny enough to repeat over and over for cheap laughs? All of these questions that were a "yes" answer when applied to Dana Holgorsen, are currently a "no" for Coach Monken.

So this is our task... a joint venture of CRFF writers and readers. We need to come up with things that are funny about Todd Monken.  Let's all spend the next few hours, days, and months diligently working on this, regroup, and share all of our ideas. This is something we can all generously do for the good of the site, for SB Nation, and the internet as a whole. We are saving the internet here! Let's go team!