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Let's Get Pasted: 02/17/2011 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.


Orange-circle_medium The better running back — Kendall Hunter or DeMarco Murray? |
Talk about comment war bait.  Great topic for a local paper to run with during a time when no casual fan cares about either schools' basketball teams.  And yes, that was me more praising the idea of the column than the execution.

Orange-circle_medium Longhorns stay hot in Big 12 | Sports | The Horn | UT Austin Independent News and Opinion
One more recap. 

Orange-circle_medium Football is Back: Springtime Rundown | Kegs 'n Eggs Blog
A listing of all the spring practice and spring game dates for the entire NCAA.  Handy


Orange-circle_medium The Curious Case Of Josh Selby - Rock Chalk Talk
I like this topic.  On the surface it is about Josh Selby, but it really broaches a deeper topic... athlete expectations. I always love this topic because of all the inherent flaws in the way humans process information.  Basically, we don't know something until we know it (yes that made sense).  Think about the way we as fans view incoming freshmen, we mostly see their ceiling without knowing their potential downsides.  Now think about how we view current OSU players, typically we will first focus on what their flaws are, then on what they do well.  So basically the incoming freshman is more valuable in our minds because we haven't seen their flaws yet.  We know they are there, we know they must exist, but we havent seen them.  It is the same reason GMs make the mistake of overpaying rookies, over-valuing draft picks, and trying to trade for the wrong players.  It is the same reason that in my fantasy leagues I will always draft 90% guys I have never had before.

Orange-circle_medium Big 12 Hoops Conference Call - Big 12 Hoops



Orange-circle_medium NCAA Basketball Bracketology: Updated S-Curve For February 17, 2011 - Blogging the Bracket
Still hanging onto the bubble.  Now in the "last 4 out" category.  I am loving the disparity in how OSU is being viewed nationally compared to locally.  Locally, I have heard plenty of talk about this being the worst OSU team since the 80's, nationally we are a bubble team.  I think this comes from us seeing OSU perform worse that we would expect, without us being able to properly put it into context with what the rest of the NCAA is doing.

Orange-circle_medium NCAA Basketball Debrief: The NCAA Tournament's 'Soft Bubble' Is Hurting The Sport -
Basically a continuation of the point I just made.

Orange-circle_medium HACKING THE GAME, COLLEGE EDITION - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Always love looking at ways to change football.  it is by far the most rule-based sport we have and I love coming up with alternative ways to play it.  2 forward passes per play would be interesting.

Orange-circle_medium Toomer's Corner Oak Trees Poisoned - Roll 'Bama Roll
I'm sure most of you have heard about this story... mindblowing.