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OSU vs. Texas A&M Preview

Ok, seriously this time. This is a MUST win game. Remember when we said that the first four times? Ignore that. This and all the rest of the home games must be won otherwise OSU doesn't even have a shot at the NCAA tourney. Right now, OSU can still finish 8-8 if they take care of business at home and beat OU on the road--which is more than possible (ask Nebraska).

As usual, the game versus A&M looks like it will be ugly. Staunch defense, lots of fouls, zero momentum. Gotta love those Big 12 refs. I would throw some keys to the game after the jump but they are all basically what we already know. The team has to limit their fouls, stay focused, eliminate mental errors, and play the ENTIRE 40 minutes with intensity.

A couple more things. Jean-Paul Olukemi must wake up. His performance in Austin was less than stellar. He plays much better at home (shocker, I know) so I expect him to rebound (basketball pun!) well. Also, and unlike JPO, I hope to see both Matt Pilgrim and Markel Brown continue the strong efforts they gave in Austin despite the loss.

Let's get some reader interaction going. Do you think OSU will win this game?