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Who Purchased the "Pete Was Here" Woman's Bikini Underwear?


For those that have not visited the premium apparel store for CRFF, make sure to check it out and buy some stuff.  And as a reminder, feel free to suggest apparel ideas, and if yours gets used we will send you a free item with your suggested design on it!

Now, to the matter at hand.  A month or so ago, Cincy and I were drunkenly watching the Colorado game, and as tends to happen, we started throwing out (mostly horrible) ideas for Cowboy basketball and CRFF.  One such idea was to eff around in the apparel store and create ridiculous products.  After numerous (and surely hilarious) mock ups of Coach Ford's head on different things, and various other great ideas, the only design we actually published to the store was the pair of woman's underwear that you see pictured above.  Why we published it, I have no idea.

The next morning I woke up, nursed a hangover, and haven't thought about that design since.  I had completely forgot about the existence of the "Pete Was Here" panties.  Like the first 4 years of life, 90% of my freshman year, and most ordinary days since graduation, the panties had fallen into the pit of events in my life that technically happened, but will never be remembered.

Then this morning, I log onto the CRFF apparel site to see what has been ordered over the past month, and to my shock and amazement, mixed among the various t-shirt purchases, this order is sitting there:

Qty: 1 | Design: Pete Was Here | Item: Woman's Bikini Underwear | Date: 1/22/2011

Yes, someone purchased them. I don't know how to describe what I felt upon discovering this, but the fictional word "dumbfound-bonergasmic" is probably the closest.

But now the initial amazement has worn off, and I am left with so many questions.  Who bought these? Why? What kind of a person are you? Was it a present?  A gag gift?  Was it a Valentine present? Did they lead to intercourse?  Are they being worn right now?  Is it a quality garment?

So this post is a call out across all of the internets, the googles, the bings, and the iThings to the purchaser of the "Pete Was Here" Woman's Bikini Underwear.  Please come forward and explain your purchase.  We deserve an explanation.  And for bonus points, send pictures of yourself, or the nearest (preferably female) underwear model, in the "Pete Was Here" Woman's Bikini Underwear and receive free lifetime adoration from the CRFF staff and readers.