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Missouri @ Oklahoma State Basketball, 8:00 Tonight (question mark)

A view from Bryant Manor.

Good news - If there is a game tonight... FREE ADMISSION!!
Bad News - You will probably die trying to get to Stillwater... at least that is what the news told me.

As of this writing, the Missouri basketball team is hanging out in KC, waiting for the go ahead to make it to Oklahoma.... or so they say. The weather could just be an excuse that Mike Anderson is using to save his team's forearms from repeated hacks and sternums from all the moving screens that are certain to be laid heavily upon his Tiger team. Regardless, we will keep an eye on the travel situation and hope the Tigers can make it through the Snow-pocalypse (snow-mageddon?, Snow-gasm? Raging Snow-ner?) and into GIA..... which, due to the weather and free admission, I assume will be occupied by 2000 drunk students and 30 homeless dudes.