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Let's Get Pasted: 02/23/2011 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

I am a day or two late with this, and right after my big speech about getting better about stick to a schedule.


Orange-circle_medium College notebook |
Okay, look.  If your name is Kendall Sanders, and you are coming to play football at Oklahoma State, it is assumed that you will be a badass running back.  This 2012 OSU commit says he is going to play receiver, which is cute, but we all know where he is ending up.

Orange-circle_medium Alabama commits NCAA violation with Barry J. Sanders |

Orange-circle_medium JamesOn Curry, His Afro, and the night that was in the D-League - Ridiculous Upside
This is old, but amazing.  SB Nation blog Ridiculous Upside wrote a piece back in 2009 about the absurdity of JameOn Curry's afro, and one of the more amazing buzzer beaters of all time.  Here is the buzzer beater, with the JamesOn fro on full display:



Orange-circle_medium Big 12 Basketball Standings and Projections, Feb 21-27 - Burnt Orange Nation

Orange-circle_medium Iowa State Basketball: Lack Of Quality Players, Not Depth Is Biggest Issue - Clone Chronicles
A nice writeup from Clone Chronicles about how overrated depth is in college basketball.



Orange-circle_medium Idiot's Guide To College Wrestling: Tournament Scoring - Black Heart Gold Pants
This is focused more on Iowa and the Big 10 tournament, but the explanation works for any tourney, including the Big 12 and the NCAA.

Orange-circle_medium Slideshow: Holy Family Incident On Tape
This isn't an SB Nation link, but it is too awesome to not show, and it doesn't fit into any of my linking categories. The head coach for Holy Trinity laid out his own player in practice, kicked him, yelled at him, and sent him to the locker room. Now it is a month later and the player is being interviewed, and he is behaving like an actor for one of those daytime TV commercials for a scummy law firm that specializes in accident claims.