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Let's Get Pasted: 02/24/2011 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

Possibly the most random grouping of links I have ever done. Enjoy!


Orange-circle_medium Twitter / @marshall moses
Marshal <3 Reger

Orange-circle_medium Cowboys stay No. 1 in GW/Nike Golf men's poll: Campus Insider: Golf Digest
You can read the headline.  Cowboys received 14 out of 19 first place votes.

Orange-circle_medium Former OSU standout Andrea Riley happy to be in Tulsa | Tulsa World
For those that are into this kind of thing, stud former Cowgirl is now with the Shock.

Orange-circle_medium Elite observations: Typical training plan -

I'm not sure why I am linking this.  I think it is because it confused me more than anything.  It is basically just an article in the vein of a runners magazine, but for some reason the intro to it is this:

In November, the Oklahoma State University Cowboys won their second consecutive NCAA cross country championship. A lot of critics did not pick OSU to win because they finished second at their regional meet the week before. Why did OSU run so well and win the title? They won because they had a solid season long plan, rested well, and peaked at the right time.



Orange-circle_medium The Big Ten vs the Big 12 - How Do The Teams Match Up? - Corn Nation

Excellent article from our friends at Corn Nation matching up Big 12 teams to their Big 10 counterpart.   Oklahoma State gets the Purdue matchup, but there is a huge caveat with Jon's explanation as he admits that Michigan State seems like the more logical choice.  I would say we have a lot in common with both, as I highlighted in my Who is Oklahoma State's Sister Athletic Program article from last year.

Orange-circle_medium OU Racking Up Secondary Violations - Crimson And Cream Machine



Orange-circle_medium Bracketology: Updated S-Curve For February 24, 2011 - Blogging the Bracket
Just so you aren't surprised, Oklahoma State is not anywhere to be found in the latest bracket prediction thingy from Blogging the Bracket.  But, I figured I could link as some of us (4 of us) like following basketball in general.

Orange-circle_medium San Antonio Spurs 109, Oklahoma City 105; 2010-2011 Game 56 Recap; Harden Almost Wills the Thunder to Victory, But Game Was Lost in the Final Seconds - Welcome to Loud City
I figure the must be a lot of overlap in Cowboy and Thunder fans, and I thought this was a really nice recap of last nights exciting loss.

Orange-circle_medium We call this image, "THE HAT IN THE HAT." Afternoon photoshop contest? Afternoon photoshop... - Every Day Should Be Saturday
Photoshop with Les Miles... yes please.