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No Seriously... who purchased the "Pete Was Here" Woman's Bikini Underwear?


I don't know if everyone thought my post from last week was some kind of a joke or what, but it has been six days and we are no closer to identifying who purchased the "Pete Was Here" Woman's Bikini Underwear. I am starting to lose my patience with this mystery, and if the (hopefully super-hot) purchaser doesn't come forward soon, with some pics, then I am going to have to start detectiv-ing the hell out of this myself.  So if anyone out there has any leads, has heard any rumors, or even just has a hunch of who it may be, please send relevant information to the tip hot-line so we can start making some progress on this case.  Look, I'm not telling you to dig through underwear drawers, but would it kill you to dig through some underwear drawers?  The CRFF family deserves some closure in this matter so we can move forward, and live our blogs just like everyone else.