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Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech Preview: Looking for Positives

Obviously the season hasn't gone as anyone hoped or expected but these are the times that separate the true fans from the bandwagon fans.

This team still has plenty of positives working in its favor and definitely needs everybody's support. On top of that, this game should be a win for the Cowboys and after a four game losing streak, I think everyone is ready for it.

Again, Mike Singletary leads the way for the Red Raiders who have had a worse season than the Pokes. Unfortunately for Texas Tech, their squad is full of seniors and looks to sink further next year. This does not bode well for head coach Pat Knight who is likely to be fired once the season ends.

So yes, even though the Cowboy season hasn't been great, it could be a lot worse. So wear your orange on Saturday and look for the positives as this team tries to finish the season strong. I attached a poll with a few things I will be looking forward to seeing in this game/ Go ahead and vote for which you would like to see the most.

Awesome sidenote: In an effort to poke a little fun at the Texas Tech coaching staff, hundreds of OSU students will be wearing suits to this Saturday's game. In case you don't know, the Red Raider coaches dress with a little bit less professionalism than Carrot Top (not an exaggeration...not at all). If you are a student at OSU and plan on attending the game, I suggest you do the same!