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Oklahoma State Basketball's Greatest Shots

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Above are the 16 greatest shots in Oklahoma State basketball history, each plotted with an orange circle on a halfcourt, with descriptions that show on mouseover, and video that loads by clicking on the circle. Enjoy it.  I spent a week creating the thing and still love playing with it.

This post is the beginning of a joint project between Royal John, myself, and now you, to narrow down this list of 16 shots to the single greatest shot in Oklahoma State history. We will be putting together a sweet 16 style bracket, with each of these shots represented and seeded, and will start the voting on March 3rd.


Help us out by letting us know where you think certain shots should be seeded, or by suggesting that we add any shots you feel should be included that we may have cut, or just flat out overlooked. The only criteria is that there must be video of it on YouTube.

A huge thank you goes to for the inspiration.