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The 4 most annoying OU Basketball people and things of all time

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So Bedlam basketball is upon us and it got me thinking. OU Basketball is historically, weird as shit. I originally started with players but quickly realized that it extends all the way to the mascot. Yes, the fucking mascot.

Click the jump to see (and enjoy) the weirdness. FYI, I'm on my 3rd handle of snowmageddon whiskey.

Top Dawg

Top Dawg was/is??? the mascot for OU basketball. It looks like a lot of OU fans are trying to pretend this never happened, while some want to bring him back. And after 3 minutes of Internet searching, I'm not sure if he's even still around. What I am sure of is that this confirms that the ACTUAL Sooner "mascot" is terrible. Oh, and the dog thing is weird as shit.

Tim Heskett

You may or may not remember this guy so let me break it down for you. He was a 6-0 white guy who came off the bench and provided a "spark" for his team. I've always really been annoyed by theses types. Check out his career trend from StatSheet. Not made up at all. They funny thing is, his level of sparkiness went up even while his points per game went down. Annoying.


Calvin Simpson

Annoying as shit and also a cheater. I think my highest level of annoyance with Sampson was when he brought his son in to play. His son was one of those real annoying "I work hard but don't have the talent" guys. Oh, and his dad was the coach.

What do you think? What players, coaches or mascots get under your skin? I'm sure I've missed a thing or 20.


How could I forget the horse pigs?? Annoying, weird and gay all rolled into 2.