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NFL Combine: How Did the Former Cowboys Do?

In case some of you missed it, or the preview, the NFL combine took place over the last four days. Five OSU players were asked to participate in all the drills and tests. Some did very well and some...well, it wasn't their day. Either way, it's a pretty big deal just to be invited so congrats to the guys that made it. Click the jump for each of the players' reviews and results. For the sake of time and importance, I only listed the events in which the individual players finished in the top 15 at their position.

Kendall Hunter

40 yard dash: 4.53 seconds
225 lbs bench press: 24 reps
Vertical jump: 35 inches
Broad jump: 10 feet 2 inches
3 cone drill: 6.74 seconds
60 yard shuttle: 11.19 seconds

Kendall had a really good combine workout. His best events were the broad jump, the 3 cone drill, and the 60 yard shuttle. His 40 time was about what I expected as he is quicker than he is fast. He is projected to be a second round pick and a great third down back.

Ugo Chinasa

40 yard dash: 4.71 seconds
Broad jump: 9 feet 9 inches
3 cone drill: 7.07 seconds

Unfortunately, Chinasa did not impress the scouts with his overall performance. He has great straight away speed as seen in his 40 time, but he lacks the lower body strength and footwork to be a solid draft pick. Odds are he will be picked up as a free agent.

Orie Lemon

225 lbs bench press: 27 reps

It just wasn't his day. The thing about Orie though is that he is a gamer. He won't turn in the best times but when the lights come on and he hits the field, he is an extremely fierce competitor. If he is drafted it will be late but I guarantee somebody will end up taking a chance on him.

Andrew McGee

After searching a couple of different sites, I couldn't find any times or results on McGee just yet. However, the scouts do have some good things to say about him. They like his ability to cover underneath routes and feel he would be a good fit in nickel and dime packages. He'd most likely be selected in one of the later rounds.

Dan Bailey

Dan's a kicker. Therefore there was zero information about him whatsoever. He'll most likely have to be picked up by a team as a free agent.