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Oklahoma State Takes It To the Bears, Keeps Hope Alive

The best all around game the Pokes have played all season, particularly on the defensive end, results in a 71-60 win on senior night.  Jean-Paul Olukemi completely LOCKED DOWN Lacedarius Dunn, forcing him into a 2-16 shooting performance, with 6 of his shot attempts being blocked.  The Cowboys as a whole recorded 7 blocks thanks to some great help side defense. The traps were working as well and were a big factor in the 16 forced turnovers, although Baylor helped out with plenty of unforced ones as well.

The offensive end of the court wasn't so bad either.  The Cowboys obviously read our preview as they put on a clinic of how to beat the 2-3 zone.  They were swinging the ball side to side, penetrating, getting it to the foul line, and utilizing the baseline which resulted in tons of easy shots.  Unfortunately this Cowboy team isn't full of outstanding finishers so some of the great play wasn't rewarded with baskets or else the Pokes could have easily scored 90. 

This is the first game all season where I can say that not a single player played a bad game.  Everyone came through in some way in what was the best all around team effort we have seen in a while.

Best of all, the Cowboys built up a comfortable enough lead to pull the seniors to an ovation.  And the icing on the cake..... Songo got some PT!

More recap to come.