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Oklahoma State Basketball: What's Next?

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Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford said someone with inside knowledge of the NCAA Tournament selection process told him the Cowboys still had a chance at the Big Dance if they could beat KU.  

"We'd have as much right as a lot of those teams they are talking about," Ford said. "And I still think we should, because we lost by one point to what I think is the best team in the country. But we won't be."  

So that leaves the 32 team NIT. You may know it as the "not invited" or "not interested" tournament.

While some teams want no part of this dance, this team should.  They are young and they are getting better with every game. A couple of NIT home games could be just what the doctor orders to gain the confidence needed to advance to the finals in New York City.

What does Travis Ford think?

"We need to recover from this," Ford said. "It's going to be hard."

Marshall Moses’ wasn’t quite as harsh though.

"I think we're an NCAA Tournament-type team," Moses said. "But if the NIT is where we go, I think we've got a great chance to make the Final Four and win it all."

A trip to the Big Apple and playing in Madison Square Garden could absolutely happen if OSU continues to play like they did against Nebraska and Kansas.

The Cowboys will learn who and where they will play at 8pm Sunday on ESPNU.