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Graphics RFF: Oklahoma State Basketball Home/Away Splits by Player

It has been about a week since I have thrown up a post full of pretty colors that hopefully form something that has meaning, and it has been 5 days or so since I have posted at all, so I guess it is time for these two streaks to end.  And since our biggest source of frustration with this basketball season has been the jekyll-and-hyde nature of this Cowboy team - specifically with the way they play like an actual contender at home, yet when on the road they play like a bunch of chubby kids wearing jeans and polos - I wanted to take a look at all the regular rotation players, and how they perform in when at home and on the road.

I don't think any of these need much explanation, except for to point out that I only ran these for games during conference play, and for the five players that saw the most consistent action during this time. Enjoy!