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Selection Sunday: Big 12 Edition

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Obviously there is no way OSU is going dancing. Honestly, even had they beaten Kansas I think they still would have had to win the whole tournament. But as much as that stings we must all move on. If you're a college basketball fan in general like I am, you are still pretty pumped to see the field of 64 68 and who is going to be in it. Since OSU will be NIT bound, I thought I would list the possible Big 12 teams to make the Big Dance and their likely seeds as well.

Share a beer and some tears with me after the jump.



Kansas Jayhawks: Number 1 seed

KU is basically the best offensive team in the nation. They truly have a chance of winning it all with the talent that the Morris twins have. Their biggest problem is what it always has been: sometimes they fall asleep when they play weaker competition. If they can make it past the first weekend, this team definitely has championship game written all over them.

Texas Longhorns: 2 or 3 seed

I know, I know. I'm pussing out by not pinning them down to an exact seed. But I have a legitimate reason. If they beat KU in the Big 12 tournament championship game, I think they'll get the 2 seed. If not, I think they'll get the 3 seed. Texas is doing its classic "peak too early" performance. They looked almost unbeatable midway through the season and then, just like Rick Barnes clockwork, they started losing to teams they should have been blowing out. With the talent this team has, I'd like to say they are headed at least to the Elite 8 but knowing Rick Barnes, I don't think they'll make it past the Sweet 16.

Texas A&M Aggies: 5 seed

In reality, they probably deserve a 4 seed but they just aren't sexy enough to catch a break from the selection committee. This is one of those teams that will get to the Sweet 16 and most people around the nation will say "Really? Texas A&M is still in it?" They play great defense and a physical brand of offense. They are good enough to get past the mid-majors and middle-of-the-pack power conference teams but once they start facing the elite teams with athleticism, I think their road will end.

Kansas State Wildcats: 8 seed

Where the fuck did they come from?! Remember in the middle of the season when they were a huge disappointment and everyone was laughing? Yeah, the joke's on us. Jacob Pullen decided to start destroying when KSU played KU and he hasn't stopped since. On top of that, Curtis Kelly has been coming on strong as well as of late. Unfortunately, their effort was too little too late. I don't see them getting out of the 2nd round.

Missouri Tigers: 10 seed

I will always believe this is a team that is nothing more than $2 magic show. Sure, the trick looks cool if you haven't seen it before but once you figure it out, it's pretty lame and easily topped. Their pressure defense may serve them well against their first opponent and maybe even their second but if they happen to play against a well coached, disciplined team, they will get bounced.

Colorado Buffaloes: 12 seed

Oh snap! Two Big 12 teams with 8-8 conference records in the tournament? I think so. Colorado has enough good wins on its resume and in my opinion, punched its ticket when they beat K-State in the Big 12 tourney. Also, the field has expanded by four making the bubble a bit softer for this type of team. With the offensive talent they have on their team, don't be shocked if the mighty Buffalo pulls off a first round upset over their opponent. In fact, I'll call it right now. Booyah.

Tune in on Sunday and watch as my masterful predictions come true. Your compliments and applause will be much appreciated in the comment section.