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Thoughts and Observations from the Tulsa NCAA Regional

A few thoughts and observations from the NCAA regional held at the BOK Center in Tulsa.

It was a little bittersweet with the Cowboys not being in it and all. It's just not the same when you can't wear an OSU shirt without feeling like the loser that didn't make the tourney. That being said, it really reminded me how special the NCAA tourney is. There's something to be said about teams coming from different parts of the country to meet and play a game of basketball for a chance at winning it all.

I had pretty great seats (a few rows back from Eddie, Patsy and Sean) and was right in the middle of a group of diehard Kansas fans. Watching basketball with KU fans is like having dinner with an esteemed chef, or having sex with a porn star. They know and love basketball inside and out. As soon as little Jayhawk led the team out, there was an energy in the air that reminded me of the old days of GIA. We talk about it not being the same as is used to be but last night was a concrete reminder,

Some other random thoughts...

The officiating in the Texas game was absurd at the end of the game. The 5 second call was the fastest count I've ever seen and the "no contact" call on the last play of the game was insane. What struck me most was that all 3 officials huddled to discuss something and then the one that made the call ran off to the locker room. Shady.

Illinois' Mike Tisdale looks big and goofy, but he's a great player with a lot of heart. I would love for OSU to recruit a guy like that.

As the KU girl sitting next to me put it, Illinois is "very big tennish" Their cheers are honestly the dullest things I've ever seen. "Fight, Fight" with a boring  drum beat. They honestly use "Go, Fight, Win" alot and the craziest part is their fans EAT IT UP. I'll try to find some video of this but I think it's something that you have to see in person to fully understand. However, they absolutely had the hottest individual cheerleader of the 8 teeams invlolved.

Texas never looks as big and tough as the do during conference play when the tourney rolls around, I like Rick Barnes but is he a great coach? I think they might be winning on talent alone 90% of the time.

Overall, it was a great experience and I really feel like I got a chance to see the National Champs in Kansas. Now if the Cowboys can get back to the Big Dance, we'll be set.