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Beat the Cougars!!!

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Make no mistake about it - this game is for a chance at the Final Four. The NIT Final Four!

If the Cowboys can hang tough tonight and play like they haven't played on the road, mark my words, they will beat Northwestern at GIA and make the trip to New York City for a chance at the NIT Championship.

The key for the Cowboys tonight is limiting NBA prospect Klay Thompson. The dude is good. We simply cannot allow him to go off for 42 points, like he's shown he can do.

In addition to limiting Thompson, the Cowboys are going to have to hit their shots. We can't afford to be cold from 3, miss open layups or throw bricks from the charity stripe.

D-up, hit your shots and make the free ones. Let's punch our ticket to NYC boys!

Royal's addition: In addition to Cinci's keys I think OSU has to limit Washington State's perimeter shooting on defense and feed the post over and over on offense. They're pretty weak inside. If Dowell can penetrate the lane and dish, OSU's offense shouldn't have a problem scoring. Go Pokes!