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Elite 8 Sunday Open Thread

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Wow, that hurt. 0-2?? Oh well, here we go again. Two more games until we finally know how wrong we all were when we filled out brackets out a couple of weeks ago.

In the first game, we'll see the touney's last remaining 1 seed in the Kansas Jayhawks facing the 11th seeded play in game startup VCU. Has there ever been an easier path to the championship game? Kansas hasn't faced anything tougher than a 9 seed and if they win today, they won't have to play anything better than an 8 seed (Butler) - to get to the championship game. Can you really ask for anything more if you're Bill Self?

I see the Jayhawks winning big here. Real Big.

In the afternoon game, we'll see the #2 seeded UNC Tarheels agianst the poorly seeded #4 Kentucky Wildcats. The Heels edged the Wildcats earlier this season, and I think they'll get another win today. Harrison Barnes and Tyler Zeller are just too good.

Conisder this the official game thread for today's game. And really bad picks.