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Seriously Dez, Stop Spending Money!

I wasn't going to write about this. In fact, I wanted to ignore it completely. But now, I simply cannot turn my head any longer. What the hell is Dez Bryant doing?! Simple answer? Becoming the next stereotypical NFL player with a million dollar ability matched with a ten cent head. And after it is all said and done, he will end up broke just like the countless players before him.

First, Dez got kicked out of a mall for his friends' pants sagging. Ok, easily fixable, right? Tell your friends to pick up their pants. It's a private establishment that makes their own rules. Abide by them or shop somewhere else. Did that happen? Awwww heeeellz naw!!! Instead a ridiculous scene was made followed by cursing and parking in a towing area.

Overreaction: 1     Rational Thought: 0

Second, Dez was notified that he was being sued by a jeweler for over $200,000 worth of unpaid goods. Apparently, Dez wanted some di-diamonds on his neck, di-diamonds on his grill but didn't want to have to pay for them. First of all, we all get it. You're a millionaire now. But really? You couldn't find anything else to spend $200,000 on? I mean can you really spend that much on jewelry? But man on man, was I proven wrong (foreshadowing, yeah!)

Ridiculous football stereotype: 2     Giving money to Royal to help pay off student loans: 0

Finally, as if the first lawsuit wasn't ridiculous enough, reports are now out that Dez is being sued AGAIN. For more jewelry he didn't pay for. AGAIN. But not to be outdone by the last lawsuit, this time he owes over $600,000 for jewelry! Sorry, let me edit that. He actually only owes $588,500 for the jewelry. The rest being owed is for other expenses (tickets to football games, personal loans, etc.) . So stay with me here people. Dez Bryant has been sued twice in two days for almost $800,000 worth of jewelry he has not paid for.

Impersonating Deion Sanders' life decisions: 3     Still being able to talk to Deion Sanders: 0

Look, I'm no life coach but it doesn't take a rocket scientist, an accountant, or an OU fan a McDonald's employee, to figure out that Dez needs to make some serious changes and fast. Stay away from malls. Stay away from jewelers. Stay away from so-called friends that hang on you like leeches. I loved Dez as a player at OSU and I wish him nothing but the best but he is digging himself into a hole that many athletes in the past couldn't climb back out of when they did the same.

My advice: Buy a two story house, sell $600,000 worth of jewelry, invest that money in low risk mutual funds, and live off the dividends.

Oh by the way, that advice will cost you $1000, Dez. I'm sure you can spare the ten $100 bills you were about to use as toilet paper.