Dez Bryant and his $800,000 Worth of Jewels? Let's look at some facts:

Dez Bryant's recent display of monetary excess has some of us thinking; How can Dez spend that much on something so frivolous? Well, the speculation is that Mr. Bryant does it through a combination of being surrounded by miscreants, a daily diet of being told how great he is, a constant need to reinforce that greatness through material gestures, and maybe not being all that mature to begin with. 

On the other side of the jump is $800,000 through the eyes of Soviet Russia..

In Soviet Russia:

Yachoff once swallowed 86 Rubles worth of pewter to keep it from the KGB oppressors.

Yachoff once ran into burning building to save his only pair of generic Turkish blue jeans. What a country!

Psychological Perspective:

  • Buying a Rolex when you come into money and influence = materialistic, but probably still within normal, well-adjusted, personal boundaries.
  • Acquiring $200,000 worth of jewels from one store, not paying for them, then acquiring $588,000 of jewels from another store and again not making any effort to secure payment = I love money so much I need to wear it on my arms and neck and legs and genitals in mineral form even if I can't quite cover the price at the moment =


What kinds of goods and services would this type of money procure?

$25 = A really nice leather belt from Dillard's

$120 = Enough money to have kept Yachoff's grandma from the Gulag.

$10,000 = Enough money to have kept Yachoff's entire family warm and fed for 6 generations.

$200,000 =  A really nice yacht, a 2012 Porsche Carrera, more money than an OU fan will ever see in their entire life.
$600,000 =  A mansion pretty much anywhere, a 2012 Ferarri Enzo, a work of art by Roy Lichtenstein

Dez needs help. Not just financially, but spiritually.  Will a $1500 Rolex feed your soul? No.  Will a $150,000 automobile help a man realize his full potential? Hell, no.  Would 86 rubles worth of pewter have saved Yachoff's grandma? Probably, but there can be no way to tell.  Dez needs to first pay off the jewels his old apartment in Stillwater, then the jewels, then get back to what got him here, being really top notch at catching and then running with footballs.  The best of luck to you, Dez. Go OSU and Dallas Cowboys!

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