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Let's Get Pasted! 03/30/2011


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.


Orange-circle_medium LeBryan Nash wins the McDonald's All American Jam Fest with a Pistol Pete hat on
This guy is unbelievable. Exactly what this team needs...

Orange-circle_medium Kye Staley is making an improbable comeback
From what I understand, his knee was pretty mangled and now he's listed #3 on the depth chart behind Randle and Jeremy Smith. Amazing. He'll be great for short yardage situations and he's a great  tweeter..

Orange-circle_medium Running Back Jeremy Smith wants to be a legend
If you were wondering, Tailback U is as strong as it's ever been...Have we ever been this stacked at RB?

Orange-circle_medium Big changes for Oklahoma State Basketball, and an injury
A faster tempo?

 Orange-circle_medium Mike Cobbins, Player of The Year?
According to Marshall Moses, he's a skinny Marcus Morris.

Orange-circle_medium Purdue Coach Matt Painter is expected to take the Missouri job today
FU Big Ten!

Orange-circle_medium Big 12 Football Headed to FX?  
What's next? A deal with TruTV? USA? Lifetime?


Orange-circle_medium Fiesta Bowl CEO John Junker Fired, Used Money for Strip Clubs
I don't think spending $1200 of Fiesta Bowl money at a strip club is that bad. Am I a horrible person?

Orange-circle_medium It's Football season in Lawrence
This is proof that the loss to VCU is making the Rock Chalk Nation crazy as shit. Pretty cool nonetheless.