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Oklahoma State Football Releases Pre-Spring Depth Chart

Shaun Lewis is back in the motherf'ing house.
Shaun Lewis is back in the motherf'ing house.

Oklahoma State has released the pre-spring depth chart and there are some interesting changes.  You can see a really nice PDF of it here.

There appears to be some serious competition behind The Million Dollar Man Brandon Weeden. Clint Chelf, Johnny Deaton and JW Walsh are all listed. It should be a very interesting spring...

Another thing I see is that Chris Dinkins has been moved  to LB. He played a little at safety last year and if i remember correctly, was originally listed at WR.

Quinn Sharp is listed an P and PK.

Devin Hedgepeth is listed over Justin Gilbert at corner, although I suppose he did play at that position down the stretch more than Gilbert. 

Anything else of note that I'm missing?