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Bedlam Basketball Part 2

This is the preview/gamethread for today's Bedlam game. Yes, this is me being lazy. Deal with it. But I think I should be allowed this one free pass. For one, many fans have given up on this season even though there are many bracketologists that still have OSU on the bubble. Second, I plan on putting up lots of hateful pics in relation to OU throughout the game because this is Bedlam after all. I encourage you to do the same.

Now on to the actual game. The Sooners are looking pretty bad as of late. They were crushed at Texas Tech a few days ago and right now it is pretty safe to say that Coach Capel's seat is getting pretty hot. On the other hand, the players will be playing for pride as this is their Senior Night and will want to send Captain Kneepads Cade Davis out with a win. I suppose they'll also be trying to save their coach's job.

OSU is a totally different story. Don't look now but the Pokes are actually listed on quite a few bubbles. This game is extremely important for them to even have a glimmer of hope to reach the NCAA tourney. A road win and the extension of the winning streak will keep them in the eyes of the committee even if it is just a glance at this point. OSU will have to do a lot more in the Big 12 tourney obviously but for now a win over OU is the first important step.

So with that said, start compiling your anti-OU pictures that you have been googling and crack open your 7th beer (just me?) so we can prepare for the last basketball game of the regular season.