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Cowboy Baseball Sweeps Missouri, Prepares For Bedlam (Updated)

What a weekend we just had, the Pokes sweep Mizzou out of town, and Augausto arrived at the Masters. So much excitement, too much if you ask me. Umm, yeah, anyway, great weekend for Cowboy Baseball, as the Diamond Riders (not sure if I like it yet) match their conference win total from last year, and improve to 8-4 in conference, one game out of first. At 24-8 overall we are in a 4 way tie for best record overall, with Texas, TAMU, and OU. Yes, that same OU who comes to Allie P. for we face in Bedlam this weekend.

Update: All right children, don't take a test then write a post, it kills more brain cells than drinking. Bedlam is in Tulsa Friday and OKC Saturday and Sunday. My bad. Sue me.

For more on the Mizzou beatings and Bedlam preview, click on el jumpo.

(Sorry about the lack of photos, turns out that sweet one I was using was copyright. Curse you U.S. copyright laws.)

On Friday Mike Strong took the mound, and held the Tigers scoreless until the 5th inning. He was helped by an early lead, as Devin Shines drew a leadoff walk in the bottom of the 1st, followed by Dane Phillips second home run of the season. In the 5th the Cowboys allowed an unearned run, but then held until the 7th when Blake Brown of Missouri had a solo home run to tie the game. The tie remained til the bottom of the 9th, when the Tigers repaid us our enearned run, when the Missouri short stop bobbled a ground ball, allowing Zach Johnson to head home. Cowboys win, 3-2.

Saturday, Brad Propst continued his dominance on the mound, pitching his second complete game of the season and moving to 6-1 on the year, as the Pokes clinched their third straight Big 12 series. Propst had it rolling early, dealing six strike outs while allowing five hits. The Cowboys got on the board early after a single by Davis Duren and an error on the Tigers. MIzzou outfielder David Champagne dropped a fly ball from Gabe Weidenaar, Duren headed home and made it 1-0 in the bottom of the 1st. The Pokes also scored twice in the 7th and once in the 8th to take it 4-1.

Finally on Sunday, the Cowboys wrapped up their first series sweep since 2008 against Kansas, knocking off Missouri 7-3. Starter Randy McCurry got worked early, giving up two solo shots in the top of the 1st off Blake Brown and Jonah Schmidt. The Tiger lead did not last long, however, as Dane Phillips, swinging dick and all, jacked a two run shot in the bottom of the inning to tie the game. If it's not evident yet, Dane Phillips is a stud, and his batting average is a mind numbing .409. Sweet. God. And, oh yeah, that leads the conference. And we're going to need all that next weekend, but lets get back to Sunday. The tie remained until the 4th, when the Pokes got hot, with 7 hits and 5 runs to put the game away against reliever Jeff Emens. Mark Ginther had a great game as well, going 3-4 at the plate, one of four Cowboys with multiple hits.

Overall, the series went about how I felt it should. I would have loved to see more offense, but hey, hard to bitch about a sweep too much. Now the Cowboys are in action against Arkansas Little-Rock tonight, which should almost be an automatic W, seeing as how UALR already has 16 losses (though they beat OU in Norman 7-0). Why am I not worried at all? We own UALR, 40-2 all time, and they are 15-16 on the season. It's a great tune up, so long as we whip that ass. Beyond that, its time for some conference Bedlam this weekend. Not that weak non con bullshit, the real deal folks. And we better be ready, too. Oklahoma comes to God's Country having just lost a series to Kansas State, and ready to get that taste out of their mouths (the losing, not the ass, that's permanent). The Sooner's will be looking to continue what they started last Tuesday, as they beat the Cowboys 8-3. I have some news, though, this ain't Norman, this is Stillwater and Allie P, where the Cowboys are 782-171. We, simply put, don't drop many games here. Yup, screwed that up.

I do, however, see us losing one game over the weekend. The way both teams are playing, either team could sweep the other, in all reality. However, considering our home field advantage, and the fact OU only has one Dillon Overton, I predict we go 2-1 this weekend. What's that you're saying? That would be our 4th series win in a row? Damn straight.

Go Pokes