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Two Minutes Hate: Bedlam Baseball Edition

"The horrible thing about the Two Minutes' Hate was not that one was obliged to act a part, but that it was impossible to avoid joining in." - Winston Smith, George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

With this weekend's Bedlam baseball series coming down to Sunday's final game, participate in our first 'Two Minutes' Hate' by thinking vitriolic Hatethought and involuntarily screaming Hatespeech at the top of your lungs about our loathed rival, the University of Oklahoma.  The Two Minutes Hate is a program designed to indoctrinate detestation of our Bedlam foe with the goal of uniting all against OU, while inspiring faith, loyalty, and love for "Big Boone".

After the Jump, you will experience some awful truths engineered to stir and antagonize your emotions.  Please, though frenzy may move your heart to do so, do not assault your Telescreen.


2:00...1:59...1:58...Barry Switzer had to buy back Billy Sims' Heisman! HATE! HATE!

1:45...1:44...1:43...Mr. and Mrs. Selmon took performance-enhancing growth hormones before coitus!  HATE HATE!

1:30...1:29...1:28...The official title of OU's stadium has the word 'Gaylord' in it.  HATE HATE HATE!!!

:59... :58.. :57...Toby Keith is really from Concord, New Hampshire!  HATE HATE HATE!!!

:30.. :29.. :28...Men's Gymnastics! HATE HATE HATE!

:03..:02..:01.. That was fun.  Personally, anytime I can hear the ghost of Bud Wilkinson bleat like a goat on a giant TV screen, I've had a good time.  Oklahoma State sports fans have reached the end of another Bedlam sports season with today's game, thus we must put away our hate for now.  We could still see OU again in the Big 12 Baseball Tournament, but all regular season Bedlam games in men's sports are done until November.  So, to all the godless OU proletariat reading this Hate, we say: 'see you in a few months, you land-squatting scum!'   Go Pokes!  Up with "Big Boone"!

Please, add your own OU Hatethoughts in the comment section below: