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Pokes Win! Pokes Win!

Farmer Royal
Farmer Royal

See the guy in the picture on the right? Yeah, that's me right after OSU won the Bedlam series in the bottom of the 10th inning. Holy schnikes, people! If you ever wanted to become a fan of OSU baseball all you had to do was watch this Bedlam series. That was some of the most intense play I have seen in ANY sport! In all three games, OSU trailed at some point by at least four runs. And in all three games they somehow found a way to claw their way back in it. The second game didn't end the way they wanted to but games one and three were ridiculous dramatic finishes that had the Pokes celebrating in the infield.

I'm sure there will be a better recap than this but I couldn't help writing something right away. By the way, I've never been much of a baseball fan. I've tried for years but just couldn't seem to keep interest. This year, though, I've been pretty locked into OSU's season and this Bedlam series absolutely solidified why. This team simply never quits. And to give credit where it is due, neither did the OU squad. In both games one and three, OSU battled back to take at least two run leads and rather than get down in the dumps about it, OU answered back to tie the game both times.

In the end, OSU came away with the series victory and a firm hold of third place in the conference. Not too bad for a team that didn't win this many conference games in total last year. With a series against A&M coming up, OSU has a chance to keep climbing. A regional hosting is still on the table for OSU to grab and with luck, a conference title as well. The term "Cardiac Cowboys" continues to live up to its name and for at least one huge series, it worked out in OSU's favor.