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Bedlam Cowgirl Tennis on Saturday... and there is a new profile pic if you care (spoiler: you care)

The Cowgirl tennis team plays their last match of the season this weekend as they take on the 20th ranked Sooners in Stillwater.  Fans receive free admission, free pizza, free drinks, free ice cream, and there is an Easter egg hunt.  Also, this should be a great matchup, and maybe someone that knows more about women's collegiate tennis than I do (if that person exists) can explain why.

In other Cowgirl tennis news, the official Oklahoma State Athletic site went ahead and updated "The Belarus Bomshell" Nataliya Shatkovskaya's profile pic from this, to THIS, in what appears to be an attempt to showcase her most internet marketable assets.  CRFF would like to be the first sports blog (splog?) to officially approve of the profile pic change, and we look forward to updates to any other Cowgirl tennis profile pics... (suggestion: Alisa Buslaieva could use an update as well.)

This has been your quarterly "lame news item excuse to post a pic of OSU female tennis athletes".  Thank you for understanding.