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Cowboy Baseball Preview: Texas A&M

This weekend the #15 Cowboys travel to Aggie-land to take on the #6 Texas A&M Aggies, in what is a pivotal series for both schools. The Pokes, winners of 7 of their last 8 games, bring a hot streak to College Station, having won four straight league series for the first time since 2008. The Ag's, co-leaders in the conference, look to slow down the Cowboys bats, including Dane Phillips and Zach Johnson.

Pitching matchups and bad analysis after the jump.

Friday's probably starters pits the Cowboys' Mike Strong (3-0) against the Ag's John Stilson (3-1) 

Saturday should be Brad Propst (6-2) against Michael Wacha (4-2)

And finally on Easter Sunday we have Ross Stripling (7-2) of A&M against a starter to be announced for OSU, but my money is on Randy McCurray (2-1)

What do I expect from this series? Well, let's not bullshit each other, this is going to be tough. A&M is second in the league in pitching, but we are first in batting. We have the best individual batter in the league, they have the 3rd best pitcher. Basically the stats are pretty even down the board. We have great batting, good pitching, and A&M does both very well. I think the decisive factor is that it's a road game for the Pokes. Though we have played decent on the road, we have not played nearly as well as we have at home.

As it stands now, the Cowboys are one game behind the league co-leaders at 10-5. If we can get two down in College Station that would move us from 3rd into a tie for second with A&M (but we would have the tie breaker). If we drop two, nothing really happens, as Kansas is probably going to be swept by Texas (they have already lost one), and OU would remain a half game behind us if they sweep Nebraska. For this to be another Cowboy series victory we need to win tonight, because Sunday is going to be tough going and Saturday is a tossup. Like the OU series I see someone taking this 2 games to 1. I'd love to tell you the Pokes have this one, but it's going to be tough. Can we? Hell yes. Will we? Eh.

Some last minute injury news, Davis Duren is good to go after being scratched from Tuesday's game with Wichita State. He jammed a finger during infield drills, and as a precautionary measure sat out that game, but is fine and ready to roll for this weekend.

Go Pokes