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Cowboy Baseball Crushed By A&M, What's Next?

Damn. Damn damn. Damn damn damn. Get it yet? That sucked longer and harder than Bree Olsen. While the rest of us spent this weekend drinking booze and playing Tiger (I know I'm not the only one), the Cowboy baseball team managed to get themselves swept by A&M. Making matters worse, it wasn't even a close sweep, we were slaughtered. I'm not even going to recap the games, it would just depress me. If you want the pain, you can look here, here, and here for games 1, 2, and 3, or here, here, and here for the A&M side. Now, more importantly than what happened is why it happened, and there is not a lot of good to be found. Pitching sucked, no offense, errors, poor defense, basically we sucked. However, the season is not over, and we're still 3rd in the conference, so click on the jump and let's see what's left after this stinking turd of a weekend.

Where to start? There was very little in any game to make us look good, we gave up 24 runs over 3 games and only scored 4. Fuck my ass. Sorry, I know I'm supposed to curse less now, but God damn what the fuck really 24 fucking runs seriously? Shit. Sorry, but step one is to admit you have a problem, and we have problem. Mike Strong suffered his first loss of the season Friday, giving up 5 runs on 6 hits before being pulled in the 4th. Saturday the pitching was a little better, but we left 9 men stranded on base. I get pissed if we have 3 or 4 stranded for a game, upset after 6, but 9? I don't even know how to feel. Yes I do, pissed as hell, we lost by 4, so if half those get in we can win the game. Sunday Hunter Herrera decided that if Strong could allows 5 runs on 6 hits, he could to. And he did. Crap. Oh, yeah, we had 9 hits Sunday, scored 1 damn run. U-G-H. 

I'm really at a loss for our poor offensive performance. I could see the pitching, considering Bedlam was a high scoring affair, but good God, 4 runs? I know they changed the bats this year, but we have been hitting with them well for a while. The only thing I can see is that earlier in the season we would have times of feast or famine on offense, and we've been feasting for a few weeks. From last week our team batting average dropped 9 points, and Dane Phillips' dropped from .402 to .384, ouch.

Now, there is nothing in the above two paragraphs to suggest good things for this Cowboy team,but I disagree. Against Kansas we lost 2 of 3 and struggled to score runs, and that was also on the road. We have won two more conference games so far this year than we did all last year. We just have to rebound next weekend, and having Kansas State at home should help. As Royal pointed out in the comments, pitching is looking like they are getting worse at a bad time of year. But, A&M and OU are first and second in the league in batting average, and in the top 3 in pitching (A&M is first there as well). I think we just struggle on the road, (and I consider Bedlam road, even though we were the "home team") and have played two good teams the past two weekends. Obviously we need to get better on the road if we want to make any moves in the post season, but for now I just want to see some rebound ass kicking this weekend. We go to Wichita State for our midweek game, and I would love to see us win big, but I doubt we will. I think we'll win, but not by more than a run or two.

All we can do is remember we are a much better team than last year, but we are still going to struggle from time to time, everyone does. Let's just hope to see some improvement and some W's against KSU this weekend. I'll have the preview for that series Friday, til then pretend we didn't play baseball last weekend and look up naughty pictures on the internet.

Go Pokes