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Open Thread: Big 12 Golf Tournament OR Uncomfortable Pictures of Garth Brooks


Sure, we need a place to discuss the final day of the Big 12 golf tournament, but as of the typing of this sentence the Pokes hold a 19 stroke lead and are a shoe in to take their 5th straight Big 12 Golf Championship. Thus the comments of a golf-only thread would no doubt be of the "ho hum, Pokes take 25 stroke lead" kind of thing.  So if you are not into boring everyone with more talk of yet another Big 12 golf championship, feel free to contribute an alternate comment of an uncomfortable picture of Oklahoma State Alum and Legend, Garth Brooks.  Ya, we love the guy, but even the part of our heart that is still ropin the wind must admit (and admire?) that Garth can take some of the most uncomfortable pictures of any celebrity in history.  Pictures that are tough to look at as you immediately feel shame for him, knowing that he looks back on every one with regret. But alas, as Cowboy fans, Garth/Chris is our savior, and we love him and his uncomfortable picture collection.

Your choice Cowboy fans, Golf talk, or uncomfortable Garth Brooks pictures.