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NCAA Tournament Title Game: Open Thread

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Tonight marks the end of another college basketball season as the Connecticut Huskies take on the Butler Bulldogs in the title game of the NCAA tournament.

Tipoff is set for 8:23pm on CBS. Stick around for one shining moment shortly after...

I'm sure many of you have moved along from college basketball, if you were ever interested in it this year at all. It was a tough year to be an Oklahoma State basketball fan, but I truly believe we're on the rise and can expect some decent things next season.

So the question is: Who do we root for if we have no interest?

As Burnt Orange Nation points out, it's easy to root for the underdog in Butler. But I'm sick of underdogs from small conferences.

The fact that VCU and Butler made it to the final four sickens me.  Give me the perennial powerhouses. After all, who wouldn't want to see a match up between Duke and Kansas tonight? I know it' would be better than some no names from wherever Butler is located. Which is why I'm rooting for UConn.

They've got a coaching legend and one of the best players in the game, which is how it should be.

Go Huskies.