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The Friday Hangover


It's the day after Thursday in Stillwater Oklahoma (and I assume most every where else). What's my favorite thing about being a Cowboy, as opposed to a Longhorn, Sooner, ect? It's that when I say "$5 drown at Willies", every person who is also a Cowboy knows exactly what I mean, and why I am so hungover this morning. I don't think OSU has any fan's who haven't been to Stillwater. Now, during football season this post will return to "Picks From Joes", but for now, besides baseball and softball (and don't worry ladies, I've got something special for you planned. And I'm going to write about you as well), we are entering the dreaded summer months, and we can only pray that this summer will be as entertaining as last summer (hint: it won't). So, on Fridays, I'm going to try something a bit different. I'm going to recap a game, season, event, whatever, and hopefully give the CRFF community something to talk about. If anything is going on in Stillwater I'll let everyone know as well. If you're in anyway interested click the jumpy to read about Bedlam, 2001 edition.

Go ahead, get your click on

Bedlam 2001

Location: Norman, Oklahoma

Attendance: 75, 537

National Rank: OU-4, OSU-NR

Prior to Bedlam, 2001 was a season to forget for Cowboy fans. With losses to Southern MIss and Iowa State, OSU limped into Bedlam with a 3 and 7 record. The Cowboys season so far had, for lack of a better word, sucked hard. OSU, while winning the game, gave up 517 yards of offense to Baylor (who at the time had lost 27 consecutive conference games). The defense also set another record, which stands to this day, allowing a 33 yard 2 point conversion (really? really?, shit).

The Sooners, on the other hand, were ranked 4th in the nation and were hoping to repeat as national champions, and had suffered a single loss (to Nebraska) coming into the game. The week before the game the Sooner offense had rolled against Texas Tech, winning 30-13.

The Sooner offense was mostly ineffective the entire day, gaining only 220 yards of offense, including a net rushing of zero yards. On the Cowboy side, the offense was rolling, with freshman Josh Fields throwing for 231 yards and a TD. On the ground the Cowboys managed 121 yards, led by Tatum Bell with 83. Things were even better for the Cowboys through the air, with Rashaun Woods hauling in 8 grabs for 129 yards, and the game winning TD with 1:36 left in the game. The Cowboy defense also stepped it's game up, getting 3 interceptions and holding the Sooners out of the end zone on a first and goal from the 4. Finally, the Cowboy special teams was outstanding, with punter Scott Elder averaging 46.1 yards per punt, while kicker Luke Phillips went 3 for 3 on field goals with 2 of 52 yards (and into the wind, at that).

At the end of the day, the Cowboys prevailed 16-13, and this game was a huge stepping stone into the 2002 season.

Wasn't that fun? I know I enjoyed it. Pokes win, Stoops is sad, everyone is happy. Not much going on around God's country this weekend, everyone is getting pumped for the spring game and the Remember The 10 Run next weekend. It should also be noted, for those who care, that the Tumbleweed has been sold, and plans to revamp the place within the next weeks before Calf Fry at the end of April. This is good news for anyone who enjoys the Tumbleweed, as it had become a dump.

Well, good Friday to you all, Yachoff should have a Masters update later, for now I'm going to drink some more water and take an advil or two and head off to class to sleep off this headache.