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Barry J. Sanders is Oklahoma State's to Lose

When Barry Sanders was recruited back in 1985 he was under the radar to say the least. Not the case for his son, Barry J. Sanders. BJS, as we'll call him from now on, has a big decision to make .

Where he'll play college football.

It's a big decision for any kid really but it's even bigger for the son of the best running back of all time.

At this point, he narrowed it down to 4 schools. Alabama, Florida State, UCLA and Oklahoma State.

Looking at that list, I see 2 elite football programs and another big time school in the city of angels. Then you have Oklahoma State, where his Heisman winning dad played.  One of these things is not like the other...

But is that a good thing or a bad thing? 

Is he perhaps just enjoying the ride of an elite high school prospect, making trips to Florida and California only to let them down on signing day to stay close to home Or is he dead serious when he says he wants to go to a school that "wins championships"? Alabama wins championships. National ones. Florida State has been there.

In my opinion, he's Oklahoma State's to lose.

You want to win championships? We were one game away last year.   Want the high life? You won't be catered to more anywhere else than in Stillwater. Go to Alabama and you're just another top running back recruit. Go to Oklahoma State and you're just another top running back recruit who happens to be the son of Barry Sanders.

What kid wouldn't want the opportunity to win the Heisman at the same school as his father? Or break his records?
That alone could be enough for him to put an end to the recruiting madness, and choose Oklahoma State.