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Oklahoma State schedules Football 101 For Women

From the AP:

STILLWATER, Okla. (AP) — Oklahoma State's annual Football 101 For Women has been scheduled for this summer.

OSU coach Mike Gundy and the coaching staff will host the clinic July 24 to provide women the game day experience of Cowboy football players.

The clinic includes a question and answer session with Gundy and his wife, Kristen, and presentations on equipment, training room techniques and strength and conditioning. There will also be instructional sessions with OSU assistant coaches.

Here is basically how I imagine the Football 101 For Women Clinic going:

"Alright Ladies, its time to learn about football.  While many of you have experience I do not, nor want to have, in areas like cleaning, cooking, birthing, not playing football, not watching football, not caring about football, and knitting, you still want to be able to enjoy a football gameday experience with your man.  It is only natural to want to bend all your interests towards what your man likes, and we are here to help you with this.

One of the methods we use is comparing aspects of the game of football, to things you women are used to dealing with in your everyday lives.  For example:

  • A football is about the size and shape of a cornish game hen. I bet each of you ladies has a wonderful cornish game hen recipe... am I right?
  • Shoulder pads.  Well, ladies, I think you are all familiar with these. Your sweaters have them for some reason.  I used to joke to my 3rd ex-wife that her shoulder pads were bigger than mine. She didn't get it....women... but I just laughed and laughed.
  • Passing drills are a lot like games you play with your kids. The quarterback - I assume you ladies know who the quarterback is... all the ladies know who the quarterback is - throws passes to his receivers.  The quarterback's goal is to hit the receiver right in the middle of his chest. And maam, if all our receivers had chests like yours, no quarterback in the nation would have a problem zeroing in on their target.  You're welcome.

Now, on to tackling.... ladies, why don't all of you try to pile on me and pull me to the ground.... and even though it is illegal in football, for now biting is allowed..... hey, where are you all going?"



Post disclaimer: I know that this clinic is well-meaning and probably a lot of fun. I just thought the name was pretty funny and could be taken to have some sexist undertones. No harm meant here. Continue with the clinic.