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Let's Get Pasted: 05/16/2011 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

Let's Get Pasted... Now a monthly feature!  I really do intend to put these up more frequently.  Let's go ahead and shoot for twice a week again and see if I can hack it.  On to the links.


Orange-circle_medium NCAA Division I Baseball -- Pseudo-RPI's
After the series loss to Baylor, the Cowboy's RPI actually jumps up a tick from 29th to a tie for 28th.  All you fancy numbers that don't always make sense... you just keep doing your thing.

Orange-circle_medium 2011-conference-game-poll - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
Which is the biggest must see game in the Big 12 this year?  The Pokes make two appearances in the poll, which is great.  But I can't be alone in thinking that any "Best Big 12 Game" poll isn't complete without Farmageddon.



Orange-circle_medium It's Official: Billy Kennedy To Be Our New Basketball Coach - I Am The 12th Man
In case you missed the announcement, A&M overlooked Coach K, Phil, and Jesus, and instead went with the dude from Murray State.  No official comment from Jesus has been released as of yet.

Orange-circle_medium Frank Martin has been hospitalized due to complications from his knee surgery. Nothing too serious,... - Bring On The Cats
Does this even need jokes tied to it? Oh it does... ok.  First off, the words "nothing too serious" and Frank Martin do not go together. Secondly, why can Frank shout-heal himself?

Orange-circle_medium Gunner Kiel,'s #1 QB prospect will be in Columbia on an unofficial visit to #Mizzou... - Rock M Nation
When it comes to QB recruits, the recruits name is the number one indicator of success.  Hence, it is little surprise that a guy named Gunner is the #1 prospect, nor that my son's name is Rocket Bicep Bigfoot Bryant.

Orange-circle_medium Big 12 NBA Draft History: With the 54th Overall Pick... - Big 12 Hoops
Cool series that Big 12 Hoops is doing, counting down the best Big 12 players taken at every spot in the NBA draft.

Orange-circle_medium The Kansas State Wildcats And An Active Retirement -
Bill C's piece on K-State.  He will be giving all the Big 12 teams this same treatment, so keep an eye out.



Orange-circle_medium "Durant is a special player, one of the best players in the NBA...The kid is a gym rat, he works... - Welcome to Loud City
I linked this just for Tony Allen's quote.
"[Durant] brought the All-Star...He pushed the turbo button on us today." - Tony Allen

Orange-circle_medium Oklahoma City Thunder 105, Memphis Grizzlies 90: 2011 Western Conference Semifinals Game Seven; "WE WANT DALLAS!" - Welcome to Loud City
More Thunder stuff. Good recap of the Game 7 win, and the resulting OKC-gasm that ensued.