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Let's Get Pasted: 05/19-20/2011 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.
Now without a Jump!


Orange-circle_medium Oklahoma State Cowboys: 10 Year Review " HolyTurf
I think I am a little late on this as it was emailed to me on Monday, but still, very cool breakdown of the last decade of Cowboy football.  My favorite part of the entire piece is the unrelenting asterisk next to every mention of The Hat.

Orange-circle_medium Florida forward and Oklahoma State recruit, Jamari Traylor, chooses those filthy Jayhawks.  A couple of articles on this.
First, the details: Traylor Opts For Jayhawks Over Cowboys - - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Coverage You Can Count On
Then, the conspiracy theories: IMG's Jamari Traylor Picks Kansas and Raises Questions in the Process - Big 12 Hoops

Orange-circle_medium Oklahoma State's early season success fading amid slump | Lubbock Online | Lubbock Avalanche-Journal
Oklahoma State baseball analysis from the Lubbock Avalanche.... and it is pretty well done. Now I dont mean to question the LAJ's ability to know their market, and I get that west Texas isn't anywhere exciting (like western Oklahoma), but surely no one there is interested in Oklahoma State baseball are they?  Someone research this for me.

Orange-circle_medium YouTube - 2011 NCAA Men's Golf Championships Promo
The Ricky Fowler with the clutch intro.  
Off-topic - A fun gambling pool to join might be the "Pick Ricky Fowler's age the first time he is not asked for ID when purchasing alcohol".  My money is going right on the 41 square.

Orange-circle_medium Recruiting Numbers "
Tracking the number of football signings per year in an attempt to highlight oversigning issues.



Orange-circle_medium The RMN Tremendous Stubble Charity Drive - Rock M Nation
Ya, charity is great and all, but the term Tremendous Stubble is really why this is linked.

Orange-circle_medium OU honors Sam Bradford with a statue that looks nothing like Sam Bradford | The Lost Ogle
Who does this statue actually look like?  I say Jon Voight.

Orange-circle_medium If this play from last night didn't cause an involuntary jump out of your chair followed by some animalistic grunting and crotch thrusting, then I feel sorry for you.


Orange-circle_medium 2011 NBA Mock Draft: Kyrie Irving A No-Brainer First Pick -

Orange-circle_medium Jared Lorenzen's dick towel supports the fight against breast cancer. The Round Mound of... - Every Day Should Be Saturday
New CRFF policy: If someone, anyone, puts the term "dick towel" in the title of a post, it will be linked here.

Orange-circle_medium Linebacker Play: Alignment & Gap Assignments - Shakin The Southland
X's and O's to keep you fired up for football season, which is only 100-ish days away.