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Big 12 Baseball: OSU defeats Baylor

Just a short recap for ya. OSU went down 2-0 early in the game and couldn't get a hit through four innings. Frank Anderson then put his boot up his players' asses and what resulted was a pretty one-sided victory.

The Pokes scored four runs in the 6th inning to go up 4-2 and then added another two runs off of a homerun blast from Mark Ginther late in the game.

Baylor tried to make a run in the top of the 9th when they loaded the bases with one out but the Pokes shut them down without any damage done to the final score.

Oklahoma State will now face the winner of the Mizzou/Texas game tomorrow at 4pm.

Hero of the game: OSU pitcher, Hunter Herrera. The guy had ice in his veins. He was called on in the 3rd to replace a struggling Mike Strong on the mound. He held the Bears scoreless through his 5.2 innings pitched and had four strikeouts (two of which ended at-bats for Baylor).

Village Idiot of the game: Whoever it was that decided to make this the 9am game. Hey idiot, do you want to boost attendance and revenue? How about making the time slot a little better for one of the two local teams? There was a lot of green in the stands--unfortunately, it was the color of the empty chairbacks...not Baylor fans.