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Did Dana Holgorsen Hurt Kendall Hunter’s Draft Stock?

Where you get drafted actually does matter – to some degree. A third or fourth round pick doesn't make near the jack as a first or second.  In my opinion, a 2 time All-American running back should never be worse than a late second round pick.  

Did Dana Holgorsen’s pass happy style of offense cause Hunter to drop and ultimately cost the guy millions of dollars?

I think so.  A lack of carries in the biggest game in Oklahoma State Football history hurt his stock.

Admittedly, it’s hard to be critical of 1600 yards and 16 TD’s in the Big 12. But the lack of carries against OU is hard to explain.  Hunter was given more than 20 carries in all but 3 games.  The games where he didn't receive that many were Tulsa, Baylor and Oklahoma.

Tulsa and Baylor were blowouts, so it’s somewhat understandable. The lack of carries against OU is to this day, unacceptable.  Kendall Hunter was given the ball 13 times and finished with 57 yards.  That’s hardly the kind of game you need to impress NFL Scouts – or even win for that matter.

If Dana Holgorsen gives Kendall 28 carries, as he did so many times before, Kendall probably finishes with about 120 yards.

120 yards that could have been the difference needed on the scoreboard and the draft board. Am I crazy?