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Big 12 Fanbase Interest by School by Sport

Yes, that title is correct... I have finally tackled the task of answering the age old questions that have plagued Big 12 fans for... eh... 15 or so years. Questions such as:

Is Kansas State a basketball or a football school?

Is Oklahoma State a basketball, baseball, wrestling, golf, football, or OU jealousy school?

Is Nebraska a football, a footbaw, or a "what the hell is a basket-ball?" school?

And many more questions... as long as those "more" are questions directly aimed at wondering the level of interest each Big 12 fanbases has in particular sport.  Even more impressively, I assigned percentages to how much each fanbase cares about each respective sport.  How did I do this?

Well, since I am a member of the SB Nation network (the network you are on right now!), and I am a firm believer that each team blog on the network is as close to an accurate representation of each fanbase as we are going to get, I simply dug through each team site and broke out what percentage of the total articles for the site were written about each sport.

Here are the results (warning: very pretty graph)


click the image to make biggerer

Of course these results aren't perfect, some of the sites catalogue their posts differently making it harder to determine which sport particular posts are about, etc, but this is the best we got, so let's analyze it as though it is fact.

Interesting (sorta) points from the graph:

  • The North schools are way more into basketball than the south schools... with a couple of exceptions
  • OU is a football school... hmmm
  • Kansas State is a basketball school
  • Iowa State and Missouri are balanced schools
  • A&M, Texas, and OSU balance their sporting interests in very similar ways.